A Longtime Climber on Losing His Home to the Oak Fire

“Overwhelmed with thoughts of death and my newly balding head, on July 22, I went back to Mount Bullion and pulled up to the summit. There, I watched flames devouring my old neighborhood. Under the blackness of night, burning red lit up the hillsides. It looked like I was peering into the gates of Hell. “Early reports said the blaze charred 10 homes, which was later updated to 41. The flames took out every inch of terrain I’d e-biked this year. My Strava report says I have spent 150 hours since

“I was ready to not be able to climb for the rest of my life": Jessie Tan, MD, Finds New Perspective

Sacramento Emergency Medicine Doctor, Jessie Tan, finds a new perspective on life and climbing after facing unexpected challenges during the height of the pandemic: He was suicidal six out of seven days a week. If the air temperature went above 72 degrees, his body flared with hives and the sensation of being burned alive. “I was ready to not be able to climb for the rest of my life,” Jessie said.
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